Ways to Celebrate National Pet Parents Day


Whether it's the first time they do something new or the first time they make a friend, every first time is special when it comes to raising your pet. While some understand the milestones, others may not. Just know, you're not alone. There are many proud pet parents out there that are ready to celebrate these moments alongside you. In the spirit of all things pet parenting, it is your time to appreciate your pet mom and pet dad-hood this National Pet Parents Day.

What is National Pet Parent’s Day?

It’s a RUFF life, having to care for your fur babies. The unconditional love and the utter enjoyment they exude any time you walk into a room is just exhausting.

In all seriousness, you have no bigger fan than your pet, but what is the meaning behind this national holiday observed on the last Sunday in April?

This PAWsome holiday was created to celebrate the unique bond between pets, their owners and the essence of pet parenthood. Often overlooked, the job of pet parenting isn’t always taken seriously.

For those who understand what it is like to have a pet that is an important part of your family, join us in celebrating every pet parent in fun and special ways.

Treats for Pets & Their Parents

People often have different reasoning for opting into pet parenthood over traditional parenting. Whether you are embracing pet parenthood for this portion of your life or are dead set on parenting pets for the long run, you deserve to celebrate what is important to you. If you don’t, who will?

Although it differs from traditional parenting; pet parents still invest a great deal of time and effort into their pet children. For some, pets are the center of their lives.

Enjoy each moment with them. Although they deserve the world, pets aren’t given the time they so selflessly deserve. That’s why every bit of time we get to spend together with our pets is well worth it.

Take them to the dog park for a fun day of play, a walk around the neighborhood or spend a lazy day at home together. Just like human children, pets crave our attention. That is what they need the most. This holiday wouldn’t even exist without the loving companionship of our furry friends. They made you a pet parent after all, so why not celebrate this holiday together, in their presence?

Treat Your Fur Babies.

There is no excuse needed when it comes to treating your pet children. There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to treat your pets this National Pet Parents Day. They don’t need much. They don’t want much. They just want their time to be spent with you.

Among the easiest and most well-loved treats for your pets are homemade. There are several different homemade dog treat recipes that are easily whipped up to be enjoyed by your pet children.

Go on a shopping spree with your pet! Just like human children, your pets like toys too. Go to your local pet store and let your pet have some fun picking out their new treasures. There is something extra fun about getting your pet gifts. It may be their sheer excitement or the satisfaction of knowing they have what they want. This can be done as an addition to your routine dog supply run. It is easy and fulfilling.

It is not always a walk in the park, raising fur babies. Despite any challenges, pets add a great deal of joy to life and teach us about unconditional and selfless love. You may not get to celebrate a pet parent’s Mother’s Day, a pet parent’s Father’s Day or some other meaningful parental milestones, but there are still ways to celebrate your form of parenthood this National Pet Parents Day.

Celebrate in the PAW-fect Way.

The PAW-fect way to celebrate National Pet Parents Day is by becoming one all over again. Take advantage of this celebration by inviting another furry friend into your home. Take a trip with your partner in co-pet parenting to your local animal shelters.

Save a life and watch as they add even more value in yours. Without effort, pets give undeniable vibrancy to what is day-to-day. The gain you receive from adopting far outweighs any effort it takes to care for them. Adopting from your local animal shelter opens the door to new opportunities and new life.

Millions of animals end up in shelters every year, waiting for their day to come. Due to no fault of their own, these animals end up homeless. Adopting from a shelter ensures you find a cat or dog that is ready to love you and your family.

Most shelters will help you through the process. If you find a furry friend that you feel like would be a good fit for your home and aren’t sure how your other pet children will get along, talk with the shelter about setting up some time for them to meet. Often, they have already done their own behavioral analysis, because they want you and your pet to be a perfect fit, as much as you do.

There is no better way to celebrate being a pet parent than with the pets we love. Whether you are treating your co pet parent partner to show your appreciation or are reflecting on the special moments you have had raising your pet together, don’t forget to spend a little extra time and give a little extra love to your pets this National Pet Parents Day.

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If you are looking to surprise your co pet parent, consider sending a pup or feline styled flower bouquet. Make it even more special and address the chosen flower arrangement from your pet to remind your co pet parent that they are special on National Pet Parents Day.

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