Honoring Your Departed Loved Ones This Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching and, with it, the willingness to spend time with family and friends, building memories, and building a tighter bond. While some of your loved ones might not be with you at this special time of the year, we can make the most out of this holiday season to honor their lives and heritage - with a simple but meaningful gesture.


Honoring Your Departed Loved Ones with Flowers: A Thousands-of-Years-Old Tradition

Honoring and cherishing a loved one who is no longer with us is something that has always been close to our hearts - for generations. The tradition of doing so with a flower is also something as old as history, originating from a unique way to remember warriors in Ancient Greece.

At the time, the resilient power of flowers was cherished. And, if one of the flowers deposited on the grave took root, grew, and blossomed, it meant that the warrior's soul had found happiness and peace in the next world, carrying a message of hope to those still on Earth.

Today, the meaning of this gesture has changed - but only slightly. And, undoubtedly, it can help you feel closer to your departed loved ones in a moment where family life is at its strongest: Christmas!

Picking the Flowers to Leave on a Loved One's Grave: 3 Considerations

If you are wondering, "What holiday flowers should I add to my loved ones' grave?" you have probably been exploring your options. Picking meaningful Christmas flowers that say everything you mean to while looking beautiful can be challenging if you are not an expert. Here are three simple considerations to do something special this year.

Remember Their Favorite Flowers

Leaving a flower on a grave and designing a Christmas Flower Arrangement can cause you to get overwhelmed by the endless choice of options. However, you should not forget that this gesture is meant to carry a uniquely personal message to your loved ones.

A great way to choose is by remembering the flowers they loved during their lifetimes. Of course, the meaning of each flower matters, but opting for something as personal as their favorite variety can help you honor the person they were in their lifetime - and the heritage they have left behind.

Symbolism Can Help You Express Your Feelings

If you prefer to use the symbolism of flowers to get your message across and say the words that sometimes are difficult to pronounce, understanding more about what each flower means can help you compose your message.

Each flower might mean something slightly different in different cultures, but you can start by speaking to an expert florist.

In winter, you should pay attention to those varieties that naturally grow in the area. Indeed, summer flowers won't last long in harsh conditions.

Consider Seasonality

Around Christmas, it is worth considering the plants that grow and blossom during this special time of the year. Here are some of the most meaningful Christmas plants you could opt for:

  • Poinsettia - purity and good cheer
  • Christmas cactus - blooming in winter, it symbolizes hope and faith
  • Christmas rose, "snow rose," or Hellebore - it is associated with the birth of Christ and Christianity. The flowers of this plant symbolize tranquility, serenity, and peace.
  • Holly and Mistletoe - the symbol of Christmas, eternal life. They are sometimes arranged in a wreath.
  • Ivy - eternity, loyalty, and resurrection


Other Holiday Season Grave Decor Ideas

Another common question is, "What are some Christmas grave decor ideas?" and for a reason! Christmas grave decorations are a way to feel your loved ones closer to you once again, and they allow you to add a personal touch to your gesture. Some ideas include sympathy holiday wreaths, grave blankets, toys or personal belongings, and solar lights. Let's see how to arrange them.


Wreaths are beautiful, usually circular, compositions that include seasonal or specially-picked flowers and plants. They are designed to last a little longer than flowers, and they can truly enrich a grave. For something special, you might opt to create one with sympathy holiday flowers and keep in line with the Christmas theme.

Grave Blankets

Grave blankets have the function to cover and protect the grave from snow and natural elements during the harshest months of the year. You could opt to lay an actual blanket or create one with evergreen branches and flowers attached to Styrofoam. These Christmas cemetery flowers and plants are useful to protect your loved ones' grave while decorating it.

Toys and Stuffed Animals

If your loved ones had something that was really close to their hearts - such as stuffed animals, toys, or books, you might opt to leave these by the grave. To protect them from the harsh wind or snowy winter weather, you might opt to place them in a box.

Solar Lights

This might be a modern way to honor your departed loved ones, but it is nonetheless beautiful. Flower-shaped solar lights can be purchased and installed in seconds by the grave, just by your cemetery vase flowers. This detail will ensure that there is always light by the grave, and it is a thoughtful gesture that will withstand the winter weather.

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